Thursday 24 February 2011

Time for some filler

I have now run out of ideas for today so I decided to get the filler out and start to finish of some of the panels. I am still not to sure about the overal shape, does he need arms or should I keep the overal shape very simple.
A few things that I have decided on are.
1. Front mounted LCD display and RGB flashing LED's.
2. Compressed gas venting out of exhaust port.
3. Eyelids. I will create some eyelids that will be servo controlled allowing the droid to blink.The main eyes will be lit with blue LED's which will respond to sound. At this time I will not make the eyes move.
4 Colour scheme. I am going with an overla gloss white, very Astromech like, with green and black splashes of colour. 
5. He will have a very weathered and rusty look, but not to over the top.
6. Some of the panels will be broken revealing electronics behind.
7. I may fit an opening front door or  doors.
8. Lots of hoses.

Body starting to come together

The last photo gives and idea of scale. I really did not what this build to be to big or heavy, Emy is more than enought to haul around to events. I am still not sure about arms or some form of robotic claw. If I add arms it will look to much like Wall-E, so the robot arm maybe the better option. The shell is now starting to come together well and I can start to see the character of the Droid emerging.

More body details.

The side vent has been slightly angled as this is going to be an exhaust port. I will fit a compressed gas cylinder behind this at a later date, should produce a nice effect.
The top panel cut out will be fitted with a vent cover and this will allow access to the top panel of the drive tray which houses the on and off switches.

Body panels and cutouts

Instead of the large flat panels I decided to add some cut outs, vernts and ports. The two oval ports were spare front vents from my R6 that where not quite cut perfectly symetrical.I may fit extending arms that come out from these ports but at the momet I am not sure. The larger square cut out will be a large vent and at the top of the vent a light panel. The light panel will be similar to the R6 logic displays but more fancy. I may fit a small LCD screen, this would allow me to come up with some much more advanced visualisations to project.. The cut out sections were definately inspired by the three Droids from the film Silent Running.

Wednesday 23 February 2011

A character being born

Posted by PicasaLooking good up to this point although I am a bit stuck on ideas again. I have another  drain cover pannel to fit at the back and I was thinking about  building working Wall-E style arms.

More work on the body

Posted by PicasaKnow that I am working on the body ideas have started to flow abit more and the body shape is starting to come together. It currently looks a bit like a long lost relation to Wall-E. Cutting the back down gives a better look and it is less box like. The whole of the body top section just sits on the powered undertray so getting to all the drive electronics will be easy, just a matter of lifting of the top body. As I build the electronics. LED's and such into the top body I will ensure that everything runs trough a single large multiblock connector.

Starting on the body

Posted by PicasaAfter spending a few weeks hunting f or rubbish that might be of some use on this droid I came across some old drain covers, a couple of old spot lights and other assorted junk which seems ideal. The drain covers seem to be ideal on the sides, they almost look like arms or atleast shoulders. The eyes are perfect. They still need a great deal of work but I recon I will easily be able to get them to move left and right via servo control.