Thursday, 24 February 2011

Time for some filler

I have now run out of ideas for today so I decided to get the filler out and start to finish of some of the panels. I am still not to sure about the overal shape, does he need arms or should I keep the overal shape very simple.
A few things that I have decided on are.
1. Front mounted LCD display and RGB flashing LED's.
2. Compressed gas venting out of exhaust port.
3. Eyelids. I will create some eyelids that will be servo controlled allowing the droid to blink.The main eyes will be lit with blue LED's which will respond to sound. At this time I will not make the eyes move.
4 Colour scheme. I am going with an overla gloss white, very Astromech like, with green and black splashes of colour. 
5. He will have a very weathered and rusty look, but not to over the top.
6. Some of the panels will be broken revealing electronics behind.
7. I may fit an opening front door or  doors.
8. Lots of hoses.

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